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  We’re passionate about finding groundbreaking insights that help global consumer companies win in their markets.  
  NuVista Strategies is the leader in Market Structure consulting. We conduct studies all over the world that have literally transformed the way global consumer companies view their markets. Based on proprietary modeling and consumer research techniques, we provide clients with a clear framework for understanding how consumers use products, and make brand choices. The typical outcome of a NuVista study is a major impact on client strategy, simply because groundbreaking opportunities are uncovered and quantified. Some of the likely outcomes are discovering:  
A major new product or business growth opportunity
Change in strategy to counter a competitive threat
Re-directing marketing spending for greater efficiency
  After conducting their first NuVista Market Structure study, our clients institutionalize NuVista’s approach as a foundation for marketing strategies, and have replicated the studies across different countries and product categories.  
We are client-focused – Clients are the core foundation of NuVista and our driving force. We partner with our clients to understand their needs, develop implementable strategies and create value for their businesses.
Integrity – NuVista exhibits the utmost ethical behavior in collecting data, presenting findings to our clients, and protecting their interests.
Innovation – NuVista continuously seeks to improve our market impact through our thought leadership and state-of-the art analytical approaches.
Quality – NuVista is single-mindedly focused on producing the highest quality and actionable work for our clients.
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