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  Market Structure studies reveal
new ways to win consumers.
  Global consumer companies want to acquire and retain consumers by satisfying their true needs. This starts by carefully observing consumers and really understanding why and how they make product and brand choices.

Behavioral Usage and Purchase information is the foundation of NuVista’s actionable recommendations. Our ability to identify groundbreaking insights comes from our unique approach to Market Structure analysis by combining the learnings from Usage and Purchase structures.
  Our Market Structure work starts by understanding consumers’ daily routines through qualitative research. We then perform sophisticated analysis on the data reported by the consumers to identify patterns in how consumers use and purchase products. Finally, we create proprietary models that depict how a product (or brand) works from a consumer behavior point of view.
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  The powerful Market Structure analysis creates a new picture of a market that brings important insights. We help management teams apply these insights to make strategic decisions. NuVista helps model and quantify decisions around Marketing Strategies such as growth strategy options, brand positioning, category management and portfolio decisions. Additionally, our tools enable ROI maximization, new and established product forecasting, skul rationalization, and benefit scoring for Agency Management.
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  NuVista Strategies leads the industry in Market Structure consulting because we uncover insights that help global consumer companies ultimately win more consumers.
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