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Marketing Analyst

The Marketing Analyst position's primary responsibility is to support an Engagement Manager in executing projects. This includes managing the details of the engagement and ensuring timely completion/progression at each stage of the project as well as actively providing input at the implication stage.

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  1. Obtains, reviews, and synthesizes client background information to become familiar with category dynamics and the client's business issues. Shares the results with the team in an efficient manner
  2. Develops an understanding of our research models and applies this learning to client projects
  3. Schedules and conducts weekly client and weekly internal phone meetings
  4. Assembles necessary information to develop relevant product lists for quantitative surveys
  5. Follows up on questionnaire feedback with clients, and accurately handles changes/suggestions
  6. Analyzes transcripts and/or videos from ethnographic work to develop hypotheses and extract relevant findings into the quantitative report. Is the primary person responsible for creating a client-ready ethnographic report
  7. Analyzes quantitative survey data, prepares research decks, and prepares publication-quality charts and tables
  8. Accurately revises report decks based on team feedback
  9. Executes quality control measures to ensure findings are completely accurate
  10. Actively contributes to the team's final recommendations
  11. Performs data extracts and analyses using proprietary software

Skills and Background:

  1. Successful candidates will be organized, highly detail-oriented, resourceful, motivated, and good at problem-solving. They must also demonstrate a proven ability to take responsibility, think analytically and creatively, and work within a team environment
  2. Desires to develop a consultative approach to solving business issues and making strategic recommendations
  3. Able to manage multiple projects and teams simultaneously
  4. Has excellent written and oral communication skills must be able to correspond clearly and concisely with clients, outside vendors, and internal departments
  5. Able to read and accurately interpret crosstabs
  6. Proficient in PowerPoint and Excel
  7. Interest in working on both quantitative and qualitative research projects
  8. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Psychology and Sociology

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