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A major new product or business growth opportunity
Change in strategy to counter a competitive threat
Re-directing marketing spending for greater efficiency
Where are the broad needs/usages in this market? Can we quantify these in value?
What is the consumer's frame of reference? Can we define the market from the consumer's perspective?
Who are our direct and indirect competitors?
What is the best portfolio strategy for our products?
How can we grow our business successfully? How do we grow our established products?
How can we differentiate our offering from competitive offerings?
How can we build stronger brands?
Are there any unfulfilled needs? What is the value opportunity?
Are there any new product opportunities that can leverage our core competencies?
What does the category stand for?
What do our brands stand for?
Is there an alignment between what the category/market stands for and the brand drivers?
Has the communication been right for the current and new products?
What is the size of the new opportunity for the brands?
Where should the client go from here?
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