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  Cultural Immersion is Key to
Understanding Consumer Behavior
  Understanding how consumers think about products and how they use them requires more than simply tracking sales through retail stores or taking surveys. It means we must observe them in their daily rituals and watch them interact with brands. When we research products internationally, NuVista consultants immerse themselves in the lives and cultures of the people to gain new insights on their product consumption.  
  For a consumer products client, cultural immersion meant traveling to remote villages in China to watch women eat their mom’s special recipe that has been used for generations. By carefully watching and listening, NuVista learned what products they used, how they used it, when they used it and why they used it. We immersed ourselves in their culture and came away with groundbreaking insight about new product opportunities for our client.

For a beverage client, we had our researchers sit in the homes of consumers in each country and watch how they prepared and consumed beverages. In one country, we discovered that a product positioned as a cold beverage for warm weather was mostly being used as a hot beverage in cold weather! That learning led to a new product positioning, revised advertising and several new product ideas.
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