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  More than ever, marketers and business managers are held accountable for their decisions. Managers are willing to make major investments in new products or marketing campaigns, but want to minimize the risk of a poor decision.

Once a structure study is completed, NuVista helps clients take the next step in determining strategic direction – quantifying the expected outcomes of various marketing decisions. NuVista’s advanced modeling capabilities can determine the probable outcome of marketing investments with surprising accuracy. This lowers the risk and helps ensure marketing investments are focused in the right area.

Using our suite of analytical software tools, we help clients address many of the critical decisions they face:
How price-elastic is the demand for my products? What will happen to sales and market share if we take our price up or down?
What is the volume potential of each of my new product concepts?
How can I rationalize SKU’s in my product mix based on their volume or profit?
What will be the volume and share effect if we spend more on advertising?
What will happen to my brand’s share if competition spends more?
  Estimate Share Changes and ROI with NuVista’s NuMix® Tool NuVista’s NuMix tool is especially effective when evaluating the return on investment of different marketing mix elements in international markets. It can accurately estimate the ROI for every marketing dollar spent by estimating the effect on sales from any number of extraneous factors. The tool also models usage-related simulations to predict the share impact of altering brand attributes and benefits communicated in advertising and promotional spending.

Learning from structures supports the NuMix tool, allowing marketers to determine the optimal level of spending for each brand based on the structure algorithm. This is because the structure/simulator data set is populated with information about a product or brands price, promotional spending, and advertising levels and is coupled with derived data on price elasticities and advertising and promotion response.

Accurately Predict the Impact of Marketing Mix Scenarios with HendryWorks® Simulation Tool Using the HendryWorks tool, NuVista has worked extensively with clients accurately predict the share results in “what if” scenarios for different marketing mix strategies. The value and functionality of the HendryWorks tool are greatly enhanced when built off a NuVista market structure foundation.

It has proven to be especially effective for marketing mix analysis for clients selling fast moving consumer products in developing countries. Predictions made by NuVista using this tool have been validated by actual market results and accurately predict changes in market shares in 9 out of 10 cases.

NuVista manages the entire process for our clients, from building to executing the tool and providing the results in a presentation format.
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