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  Market Structure takes
Category Management to the Next Level.
  Category management will continue to evolve beyond scanning. Through user and household level information, clients will better understand the `why' of consumer behavior in addition to the `what.’

Market Structure will help retailers not only grow the brands but most importantly grow the category. Clients will be able to educate retailers about their consumers’ frame of reference in order to take category management to the next level. With NuVista’s software tools, Market Structure can provide the kind of information that a retailer needs, quickly and accurately, to make effective business decisions.
  NuVista Market Structure provides retailers with recommendations on product assortment, shelving and promotion, helping them strengthen relationships with shoppers and increase growth and profitability across their total store. 

Role of Channel and Pricing is Explored:
Channel Dynamics
Where do consumers purchase each category?
Are certain categories aligned to certain channels?
How can we leverage these learnings to achieve sustainable growth?
Identify true competition
Product line gaps are identified to support new
  product development.
How do consumers segment the market?
What are the significant drivers for each segment?
How price-elastic is the demand for my products?
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