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  Market Structure Identifies New Opportunities For Satisfying Unmet Consumer Needs  
  Brand and business growth are always high on a marketer’s list of objectives. NuVista’s Market Structure solutions help identify new avenues for growth and quantify these options through reliable and robust statistical modeling.

NuVista Market Structure studies help guide strategic direction and key marketing decisions.
New Product opportunities that address unmet consumer needs.
Product line gaps are identified to support new product development.
Primary and secondary competitors are identified, driving competitive strategies, acquisition decisions or brand divestitures.
Insight into cultural nuances across countries help marketers understand how to effectively position and market brands to capitalize on new growth opportunities globally.
Quantify Opportunities before Investing
Most importantly, NuVista’s proprietary analytics and modeling can actually quantify the opportunities identified so that marketers can prioritize these opportunities and project the return on investment of each strategy direction before expending resources.

Once a Market Structure and opportunity simulator have been developed, NuVista can also quantify the market potential of items already in the new product pipeline, which can, in turn, support or redirect developmental efforts.
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