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  Powerful Insights Are Delivered
For Global Portfolio Management

NuVista’s Market Structure approach gives marketers a whole new way to look at their brands, competitors, and markets because products are organized into domains that identify how, when, where and why consumers use various products and brands.

This insight provides the foundation for evaluating how a client’s products meet the needs of consumers across categories and across geographies. Clients can quickly identify gaps or overlaps in their market offerings and optimize their portfolio of products and brands. Duplicate offerings can be divested or repositioned; gaps can be filled through development, repositioning, or acquisitions. In addition, strategy options can be modeled by NuVista to establish the return on investment before an action is taken.

Duplicate offerings can be divested or repositioned
Need gaps can be identified and filled
New product opportunities
Reposition current brands
Acquire brands
Identify true competition
Competitive brands are seen from a new perspective
Direct and Indirect competition is identified
New competitors are revealed
Clear understanding of competitive strengths and levers



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